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Regulatory Compliance

3.1 We Are in Line

Templaris leads the Dominican market in complying with ethical debt collection standards. Compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual requirements is essential in the business world, and our organization constantly promotes a culture of commitment to compliance.

We Have a Code of Ethics

We are committed to the standards included in The ACCC and ASIC Debt Collection Guideline: for Collectors and Creditors and have adopted these standards in our internal Code of Conduct. Compliance with this code and with Templaris's standards is included in the contracts between the company and its personnel, and these elements are taken into consideration when evaluating performance.


Payment Options

In order to facilitate fulfillment of its commitments, Templaris provides the consumers obligated in a debt collection process  with the following methods of making their payments:

  • Cash at our offices
  •  Certified check in the name of Templaris Cobranzas, SRL
  • Transfer to our account
  • Deposit to our bank accounts
  • Wire through Western Union

Consumer Rights

As a professional collection agency, Templaris recognizes that debtors possess multiple rights that must be respected at all times when there is a need to practice a Debt Collection in Dominican Republic. Templaris pledges to observe the following precepts, among others, in regard to such consumers:

  •  To be treated with courtesy at all times
  •  To know the exact balance of the debt
  •  To have their personal information handled in a confidential manner
  •  The sums paid by a debtor must be sent to the creditor within a maximum of 72 hours
  •  For the regulations regarding turbocharge calls to be respected

Staff Commitments to Clients and Debtors

As part of the concrete application of our Values, Mission and Vision, Templaris employees pledge to:

  • Be trustworthy
  • Demonstrate response capacity
  • Always act in a professional manner
  • Be courteous
  • Be credible
  • Act in a safe manner
  • Always be accessible
  • Give constant feedback
  • Act in a manner understandable to the client
  • Provide tangible benefits

Francisco Del Carpio

Founder, CEO & Legal Advisor
T. (809) 732 3010
F. (809) 732 2580
M.(809) 299 0084

As CEO and Legal Advisor, Francisco supervises all legal matters related to Templaris.

With more than ten years of experience in seizures and collection, he is a veteran in the field, and he is actively involved in international seminars and conferences.

Yadipza Benítez

General Manager
T. (809) 732 3010
F. (809) 732 2580
M.(829) 961 6661  

As General Manager, Yadipza supervises the entire operation of our company.

She joined the company 9 years ago and has steadily risen as a result of her passion for work well done.

She is an Attorney at Law, admitted to practice before the courts of the Dominican Republic. She holds a Master's degree in Civil Procedural Law.

Henry Montás

Partner, Litigation Manager
T. (809) 732 3010
F. (809) 732 2580
M.(829) 961 6662  

As Litigation Manager, Henry supervises all matters related to cases that have proceedings open before the court.

Henry joined the Organization in 2003.

He is an Attorney at Law, admitted to practice before the courts of the Dominican Republic. He holds a Master's degree in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law.

Richar Rosario

Financial Manager
T. (809) 732 3010
F. (809) 732 2580
M.(829) 961 6665  

As Financial Manager, Richar supervises all of the company's business operations.

An economist by profession, he has extensive experience in financial analysis and controls. For more than 10 years, he served as General Manager for a prestigious Dominican financial mediation entity. He is a member of ACAMS and is currently preparing to obtain his certification. His functions include a role as Money Laundering Prevention Officer.

William Arias

Technology Manager
T. (809) 732 3010
F. (809) 732 2580
M.(829) 961 6666

As Technology Manager, William is responsible for Templaris's entire IT operation.

He joined the company in 2003. He has been actively involved in the conceptualization and design of Templarius, Templaris's modern collection technology.

Templaris Cobranzas

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